Katelyn Mallett Senior Photography | Session Details
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I am so passionate about photographing high school seniors because I belive that it’s worth investing in high quality, professional photography. Senior year is one of the greatest turning points in life. The final glimpse of childhood, and the beginning of becoming an adult. Everyone remembers senior year, but it is a whirlwind of academics, sports, college applications, and making the most of the time you have left with your friend. Make sure to take the time to document and preserve what an incredible point in life that you’re in. This is YOUR time to celebrate your youth and all the amazing things you’ve accomplished in your life so far. I want you to have an amazing senior photography experience, because you deserve it. Congratulations to you!

How long does my session last? Senior sessions last 1-3 hours.


How much does it cost? Investment varies, but most seniors spend between $500 and $750. For more information and detailed pricing, please contact me for a pricing guide.

Is professional hair + makeup really worth it? Yes, so much so that it is included in each senior portrait session. Your senior pictures happen once in a lifetime, and therefore you should look your very best. Beautiful makeup + hair can accentuate your features, cover up blemishes, and bring out a more confident, fierce version of yourself. A professional will know exactly how to highlight all of your beautiful features.


I can’t wait to see my pictures, will I get a sneak peek? YES! I love sneak peeks, and I am as excited about your pictures as you are! I will post one sneak peek on social media within the week after your session. Be sure to like Katelyn Mallett Photography on Facebook + Instagram so you see them first!


I’m nervous about looking awkward! Will you help me pose? I modeled before going behind the camera, so I know posing on the spot can be intimidating. My main goal is to make you feel comfortable and give you a wide variety of poses in your portfolio.

Who should I bring with me to my session? Bring someone who makes you feel at ease and confident about yourself. Also, someone who doesn’t mind walking around a lot and helping adjust your outfit. Bonus points if this person can make you laugh.


I loved my session, how can I share my experience? YAY! That’s amazing and sharing your experience is the best compliment I could ever receive! If you have a little time you can leave a Facebook review or feel free to send me one directly!